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Are you Looking at a Month of Doctor’s Appointments and Medical Tests?

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Patient A Exactly one month after being released from the hospital after a stroke, Patient 1 is free from a heart monitor that she has worn 24/7 since the event that caught everyone off guard. Fortunately, she was aware that something was wrong and she was volunteering with a group of people who knew her well. Her first symptom was a loss of vision in one eye followed by lapses in being able to talk. The friends who were with her insisted that the paramedics on site immediately take her to the closest hospital. The friends knew this was no heat stroke, it had to be something bigger. The patient still cannot believe she had a stroke and every doctor she has seen is shocked to discover that she has no side effects. in fact every physician says she should have some residual effects from a s

The Convenience of Urgent Care Centers Cannot Be Beat

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Most sports activities take place after business hours. Sports games and practices usually fall outside of school and business hours to ensure that people can actually make it to them. However, this is also when more sports injuries occur. People are injured during sports practices or games and are left with finding medical care outside of their business hours only physician?s office. Most regular doctor?s offices carry only regular business hours and are not even available after these hours. If you try to call their office, it will likely direct you to 911, or to visit the local emergency room. Fortunately, you have other options besides an emergency room visit.

There are many different injuries that can occur from sports. Sports put a lot of stress on the body and it puts the body at risk fo