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The One Big Threat to Men’s Health and Why It Should Be Taken Seriously

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It?s no secret that testosterone is an important part of healthy function for the male body. Very often however, men underestimate just how vital it is and how many of their biological processes rely on a healthy amount of testosterone. For this reason, many men in the U.S. that suffer from low testosterone don?t realize the problem and will go without help. There isn?t a lot in the way of education about testosterone deficiency and this begs questions like, ?does low testosterone affect focus??, ?does low t affect my strength?? and so on. The following outlines some important facts about low testosterone levels and how i

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Surgery Answered

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Bariatric surgery, which is sometimes called weight loss surgery, is truly life-changing. Not only can it help patients slim down to a healthy, attractive weight, it can potentially save their lives. Naturally, anyone who’s considering bariatric surgery probably has a few questions.

Here are just a few of the answers patients commonly seek.

Is it right for me? - Bariatric surgery isn’t right for everyone, unfortunately. It’s a very serious procedure that requires people to change the way they live. Bariatric surgery should only be considered as an option if a patient has a body mass index higher than 40 or a BMI higher than 35, but also has serious obesity-related health p

4 Things Urgent Care Centers Everywhere Want You to Know

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Emergency room care

Urgent care is a great alternative to the hospital or your primary physician in the case of certain illnesses and injuries. 85% of facilities are open 7 days a week and provide later availability than most doctors’ offices. With 3 million patients visiting a local walk-in clinic each week according to the Urgent Care Association of America, here are 4 things every clinic would like patients to know:

Urgent care is not a replacement for your primary physician. While urgent care facilities are prepared to treat a wide array of ailments and injuries, they are not a replacement for your doctor. Following up regularly with your doctor is the best way to round out your health care regime. Primary physicia